‘As a contributor to YouthMed.Info, I'm proud to see this valuable resource launch. It empowers young people navigating mental health treatment with clear and accessible information. These videos provide a safe and empathetic space for us to understand medications fully. This collaborative effort will make a genuine positive impact, and I hope we can continue to expand this project. The voice of young people matters most in their own healthcare and YouthMed.Info helps them to stay informed and listened to each step of the way.’
Sophie Kathryn
Youth Action Panelist, SpunOut
'The videos on youthmed.info are brilliant! It's a new and innovative way of providing medicines information. The content is bright, colourful and engaging - the facts made really easy to understand and accessible for all. I have used them in my counselling sessions and they have been very well received by young people and their carers alike.'
Arifa Raza Azmi
Senior Clinical Pharmacist CAMHS, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
‘What an excellent resource! They wonderfully compliment the verbal and written information that is provided to young people when discussing treatment options – the videos are a perfect bite size length, engaging to watch, and include the key and important information that young people need to be aware of. In my experience of using them with the young people I see in clinic, they prefer the video format to written information, and have stimulated further discussion and directly contributed to their decision making process. I will definitely be sharing them widely with my local CAMHS teams.’
Rachel Hogan
Clinical Lead CAMHS Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
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